Hammer Law Reminder

Chapter 7, Building and Construction
(A.K.A. “THE HAMMER LAW”) (June 25 through Labor Day)

This is a reminder that the Association’s Ordinance (Chapter 7 Building and Construction, Section 2) known as the Hammer Law will soon go into effect. That means, there shall be no construction work performed inside or outside of a dwelling after June 24 through Labor Day each year.

If you experience an emergency, the Hammer Law Extension Request Form is required and is available below as well as on the website under Documents/Forms. Also, contact any member of the Board or The Association’s office to alert them of the impending request.  The Board may provide a short, timely authorization for construction or repair to be completed “provided the  property owner shows an emergency condition exists”.

Fines and exemptions are established by the Board of Governors. No fine will exceed $250.00 per violation.

Board of Governors, Point O’Woods Association, Inc.


Hammer Law Extension Request

POW Recognition Walk

The POW Women’s Club is undertaking the creation of the ‘Recognition Walk’ consisting of granite pavers that will be located in the walkway from the pavilion to the parking lot. Pavers can be engraved with family or individual names, memorials, cottage names, etc. These engraved pavers are available for purchase and the walk is scheduled for installation this fall or next spring.

The cost for each 6″ x 10″ paver will be $90.00 if ordered by July 31, 2015, $110.00 thereafter. Pavers can be ordered each thereafter until the walk is completed.

To order, please complete the form below and return as instructed with payment by July 15, 2015. Once your payment is received you will be provided a form where you indicate your specific engraving.


Recognition Walk Form

POW BBQ and Dance Social

Annual Tent Event!!!!  Saturday night July 25, 2015, BYOB sponsored by the Women’s Club


BBQ Pulled Pork & BBQ Chicken

Garden Salad & Coleslaw

Garlic Roast Potatoes

Custom Chef Baked Rolls & Dessert


DJ Sue Gallagher returns with music for an evening of dancing and entertainment


Available for just $30.00 per person. GET TICKETS EARLY SO WE CAN GET A HEADCOUNT


Chairperson,: Marilyn Stitham, 49 Ridgewood Rd. (next to the Library) 860-434-1085

BOG Nominating Committee

Lucy DiNardi has been appointed to fill the vacancy on the committee left when Lorrain Gibson retired after several years of dedicated service.

Thanks Lorraine!

Welcome Lucy!

The Nominating Committee identifies, screens and selects candidates to serve on the Point O’Woods Association Board of Governors as well as the WPCA Board of Governors. Their objective is to present potential candidates for the Board review, approval and ultimately the property owners for election at the POW Annual Meeting. Committee members serve for 3 years.

If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Governors, notify the, Operations Administrator, at powoffice@att.net or 860-434-5686 who can provide you with the short application.

Never Flush

Point O’Woods is served by a community sanitary sewer system that could be damaged by flushing prohibited materials to the sewer.

CAUTION: Only flush sanitary waste down the drain.

Below are examples of what NOT to flush:

  • Diapers, rags, or any kind of cloth
  • Bulk grease or fat
  • Sand, kitty litter, aquarium gravel, pet cage shavings
  • String, dental floss, feminine products
  • Plastic or metal objects
  • Paints or paint thinners
  • Gasoline, kerosene, solvents, or any flammable or combustible materials
  • Strong chemicals or toxic, caustic, or poisonous substances
  • Seafood shells, bones, cherry stones, peach pits, etc.

Remember to drain cooking pans, before cleaning in the sink, and dispose of grease separately.

In the event that any damage was caused by any of the above listed UN-flushable items, the cost to repair may be that of the homeowner.

Jeff Keish

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Jeff Keish, the Point O’Woods facilities manager for over 20 years, passed away. Our sympathy and prayers go out to his wife Kim and family.


Jeff went beyond being a dedicated, thoughtful employee of Point O’Woods to being a valued friend and neighbor, committed to our community.  His untold contributions have allowed us to enjoy our time at Point O’Woods.


A committee has been formed consisting of Mark Stankiewicz, Fred Callahan, Bill Lacy, Jack Gibson and Bud Phelps. This committee will hold a Celebration of Life for Jeff at POW in late July or early August.  If anyone has any questions, or would like to volunteer to help, please contact Fred Callahan (860) 209 – 2944



Point O’Woods Board of Governors