Regularly Scheduled Recreation Events

The Recreation Commissioner will sponsor some regularly scheduled events again this season. Look to join the fun and frivolity at the following:

  • MONDAY – Bingo on the Boardwalk…Be Lucky!!!
  • TUESDAY & SATURDAY – Movies on the Beach…Come and enjoy the outside experience!!!
  • THURSDAYS – Games on the Beach led by the Recreation Club Guides…Join in with old friends and make new friends as you play various games and sports.

The Recreation Club will run Monday through Thursday starting 6/27/16 and ending 8/12/16. This year, as a convenience, you can obtain registration forms in advance at the Library or the office. Registration forms can be completed in advance and handed in at registration time, streaming the process and reducing the time for registering for club.

POW Recreation Program Registration Form

Special Events!!!!

Check the POW Calendar under POW NEWS on this website for other special events including concerts.

Reminder: ‘Hammer Law’ Effective 6/24/16

Acts of Nuisance: Construction

(June 25 through Labor Day)

There shall be no construction work performed inside or outside of a dwelling after June 24 through Labor Day each year. If a property owner experiences an emergency, the Hammer Law Extension Request Form is required and can be found on the website here Hammer Law Extension Request. The property owner (not construction provider) should contact any member of the Board or The Association’s office to alert them of the impending request.  The Board may provide a short, timely authorization for construction or repair to be completed “provided the property owner shows an emergency condition exists”.

Fines and exemptions are established by the Board of Governors. No fine will exceed $250.00 per violation.

Board of Governors, Point O’Woods Association, Inc.

Ordinance Amendments Approved 6-4-2016

The Point O’Woods Association, Inc. property owners approved amendments to the ordinances that were brought forward by the Board of Governors. Effective immediately:


“TITLE VII, Financial Controls

Section 1. All expenditures will be made by check and require two signatures: 1) the President or Vice President, and 2) Treasurer, for amounts in excess of $7,500.


Section 3. All expenditures over $7,500 will require that at least three competitive bids be solicited. Where possible, local contractors are to given preference and the bids are to be from the same written bid specification.”



Section 2. The posting of bills, placards, or advertisement upon any building, wall, fence, post, vacant lot Right of Ways or other Association property is not allowed.

The following signs are allowed:

(1) Real Estate Signs “Open House”, “For Sale” or “For Rent and Contractor signs are allowed during the term of the listing contracts or construction project. Such signs shall not exceed four (4) square feet in total and only one sign allowed per owner’s property.

(2) “Tag Sale” signs are allowed for the day of the sale and the day before the sale.”

Please note that any fines for violations under this ordinance are the responsibility of the property owner. 



Permit and Sticker Reminders

Golf Carts:

To park a golf cart in the parking lot – you must have the golf cart registered and display a parking permit. Hard copy insurance certificate and inspection required at registration.

Resident stickers:

Resident stickers allow the vehicle to enter POW property without being stopped by security. You can proceed after stopping at the stop sign. Resident stickers are not parking permits for the beach lot. A parking permit must be visible on any vehicle in the lot.

Didn’t get your stickers yet?

Parking permit and resident stickers for parking, boat basin and golf carts will be distributed at the Parking lot booth on Saturday and Sunday during June, 9:00 AM–3:00 PM, everyday thereafter for the season. PM.

Golf cart owners must provide hard copy proof of insurance, which we need to keep in the office.


All permits for storing kayaks, boats and paddle boards on the beach have been assigned. If you registered and haven’t picked up your permit, it will be at the office.

Nominating Committee Volunteers

The responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to identify, screen and select candidates to serve on the Point O’Woods Association Board of Governors as well as the WPCA Board of Governors and the Nominating Committee.

The committee consists of 3 members who serve a 3 year term. There is an opening for a 2 year term and one for a 3 year term. Members must be a POW property owner. We are looking for individuals who are objective thinkers, familiar with the community, have a strong desire to serve the POW community.

If you have an interest in serving on notify the Office Administrator, at or 860-434-5686.

Tree Removal Policy

If a property owner believes a tree that is next to their property and believed to be on Point O’Woods property, is dying or dead and believed to be in need of removal, the property owner will need to do the following:

  • Provide a recent survey of their property showing the tree on Point O’Woods property with dimensions, markings or “pins” to show the property lines.
  • If the property owner does not have a recent survey, they will need to have said area surveyed by a licensed and certified survey company.
  • They will need to have their property “pinned” or marked with proper markings so we can review land titles and verify property lines.
  • They will need to send this information to the Board of Governors for review.
  • Once verified, the Point O’Woods Board will take steps to have said tree(s) removed.

Stumps will not be part of the removal process. The Board is only willing to take down tree(s) to protect property and for concerns of safety.