2016 POW Annual Meeting June 4, 2016

The Call to the Annual Meeting has been mailed. The 2016 Annual Meeting will be held at the Old Lyme Middle School, 53 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 6:00 PM.

You should expect to get your copy by May 25, 2016.

Each year there are some mailings that don’t reach property owners. If you have not received a copy you have several options:

  • Contact the office at 860-434-5686 or
  • Email the office at powoffice@att.net or
  • Review it at pointowoodsct.com after May 23, 2016 or
  • Email the office at powoffice@att.net or
  • Stop in the office at 12 Connecticut Rd to pick one up during office hours

Regardless of how you obtain a copy, please let the office know you did not receive it so they can be certain the records are current.

Nominating Committee Volunteers

The responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to identify, screen and select candidates to serve on the Point O’Woods Association Board of Governors as well as the WPCA Board of Governors and the Nominating Committee.

The committee consists of 3 members who serve a 3 year term. There is an opening for a 2 year term and one for a 3 year term. Members must be a POW property owner. We are looking for individuals who are objective thinkers, familiar with the community, have a strong desire to serve the POW community.

If you have an interest in serving on notify the Office Administrator, at powoffice@att.net or 860-434-5686.

Kayak and Boat Storage on the Beach

Applications and checks for 2016 beach storage spaces will be accepted starting April 1, 2016,  by US mail at the Admin Office: P.O. Box 152, South Lyme, CT 06376.

Space is limited so spaces will be assigned in the order they are received in the mail at the Admin Office.

The link to the application form is below. Print the form, complete it and mail to the Admin Office with a check for the appropriate amount made payable to Point O’Woods Association. Include your email if you would like us to communicate directly with you.

Please note: Beach storage has been limited to a total of 6 (six) catamarans. 


  • Applicant must be a Point O’Woods property owner
  • Limit 2 kayak slots per family. Other watercraft, 1 slot per family.
  • Complete a separate form for each craft (with the exception of 2 kayaks, use one form)
  • Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and small boats (sail and row)
  • NOTE: The first 6 applicants for catamaran space will be granted stickers, additional applicants will be placed on a waiting list, in the order they have been received.


  1. Storage season starts June 15 and vessels must be removed by October 15 – fines apply.
  2. A Point O’Woods Sticker must be visibly displayed on the vessel’s upper bow.
  3. All vessels must be stored in a row in front of, and perpendicular to the berm (but not on the berm) and tied to the mooring cable by an Owner Supplied line.
  4. Owners are responsible for removing their vessels from the beach whenever major storms or higher than normal tides are forecasted.
  5. Violations of the above will result in the vessel being ticketed.
  6. Vessels without a sticker will be ticketed and secured until payment of the ticket.
  7. Point O’Woods is not responsible for any damage caused to, or by a vessel as a result of its storage on the beach.

Boats on the Beach Application 2016

Tree Removal Policy

If a property owner believes a tree that is next to their property and believed to be on Point O’Woods property, is dying or dead and believed to be in need of removal, the property owner will need to do the following:

  • Provide a recent survey of their property showing the tree on Point ‘Woods property with dimensions, markings or “pins” to show the property lines.
  • If the property owner does not have a recent survey, they will need to have said area surveyed by a licensed and certified survey company.
  • They will need to have their property “pinned” or marked with proper markings so we can review land titles and verify property lines.
  • They will need to send this information to the Board of Governors for review.
  • Once verified, the Point O’Woods Board will take steps to have said tree(s) removed.

Stumps will not be part of the removal process. The Board is only willing to take down tree(s) to protect property and for concerns of safety.

Old Lyme Emergency Notifications

You can Receive Automated Emergency Messages

The Town of Old Lyme has launched Old Lyme Alerts, an Emergency Notification System. Property owners, residents and business owners can register with their preferred contact information in order to automatically receive messages from the Town about emergency or urgent situations.

The contact information you provide is protected. It will not be used for any other purpose. Even if you have already registered for notifications through the state system (ctalert.gov), it is recommended that you also register for local alerts.

How to Register:

  • At www.oldlyme-ct.gov OR
  • you can obtain a hard copy form at the Town Hall, Lymes’ Senior Center, or the Old Lyme Library

More information at: