Wildlife Rescue at POW

Seagull Rescue

On July 30, about 7:30 PM, Security received a call about an injured seagull in the creek. Security Officer Mark Hanna investigated and found a seagull who was unable to fly. Concerned beach-goers and residents brain-stormed with Mark about what should be done. They decided to rescue the gull and take it to the CT DEEP Wildlife Rehabilitator, Susanne Colten-Carey in Old Lyme. POW residents, Donna Johnson and Shelagh Smith, climbed the fence to the creek, captured the gull in a towel and put it in a cat carrier. They then took it to rehab where they were told it was an adult herring gull, common to this area. Further news about the gull’s condition will be posted as we receive it.

POW Recreation!

Tennis Clinic

Calling all tennis enthusiasts or kids interested in learning to play tennis. A seven week tennis clinic sponsored by POW REC starts June 30th, with the first week being free as a chance to try it out. The first week will be everyday (Monday thru Thursday at 9 AM) after that, the days will be determined by group size. Two local high school shoreline tennis champs will run the clinic. The cost will be $20 per week or $90 for the summer. The program will be 2 times per week during the morning for approimately 2 hrs. Signups will be at the pavilion with the recreation program. An adult program is also being considered if there is an interest. Hope to see you on the courts!!

POW Tennis Clinic Registration

Recreation Program

The POW Recreation program will start Monday June 23, 2014, 8:30 for registration. You can complete your registration forms before arriving at the Pavilion.

POW Recreation Program Registration

POW Field Trip Permission

BOG Nominating Committee

After many years of service on the Board of Governors Nominating Committee, Lorraine Gibson’s term is complete leaving an open position on the committee. We appreciate Lorraine’s efforts and contributions to the Point O’Woods community and we’ll see her relaxing on the beach.

The Nominating Committee identifies, screens and selects candidates to serve on the Point O’Woods Association Board of Governors as well as the WPCA Board of Governors. Their objective is to present potential candidates for the Board review, approval and ultimately the property owners for election at the POW Annual Meeting. Committee members serve for 3 years.

If you have an interest in serving on the Nomination Committee, notify Jean Smith, Operations Administrator, at powoffice@att.net or 860-434-5686.

Free Children’s Safety Bracelets Available at the Library

Norman Stitham, the Point O’Woods Librarian, has donated brightly colored flexible bracelets for young children. Children are very active on bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. and can get injured or lost. The child’s name and contact phone number can be written on the bracelet and if the child gets lost or injured, a responsible adult can be readily contacted. The bracelets are available at the POW Library at 49 Ridgewood Rd. Norm recommends a cell phone number be used since people tend to be near them frequently.