Join the POW Board of Governors

The 9 member Board of Governors (BOG) provides the leadership and management of the POW Association. Board members serve a 3 year term and each year at the annual meeting 3 people will be elected to the BOG. We are looking for high-energy individuals who are objective thinkers, can operate in a team environment and, most of all, have a strong desire to serve the POW community. In order to be considered by the Nominating Committee, the person must be a property owner of record with no outstanding taxes or fines.

The Nominating Committee identifies, screens and selects candidates to serve on the POW  Board of Governors (BOG) as well as the WPCA Board of Governors. They interview all that apply (application form provided below) and present those they feel are suitable to the Board at the April monthly meeting.

Current BOG members who have expiring terms are eligible to run for re-election. Their names will appear at the top of the ballot with the word “incumbent” after their names (in alphabetical order). Others recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved by the BOG will appear after those names (in alphabetical order).

If you are interested in serving on the BOG: Complete the Board Application Form and send it along with your resume to Rosemary Breen, P O Box 39, South Lyme, CT 06376 by March 1, 2016.The Committee will then compile a list of interested individuals, set up interviews, and present qualified candidates to the Board of Governors for consideration.

Please feel free to contact any one of the Committee members should you have any questions. We encourage you to get involved and serve this wonderful community.

Board Application Form

2016 Boat Basin and Boats on the Beach

There is no need to take action now!!!!

Boat Basin

The waiting list applications are all in and the wait list will be published on the website in the weeks following the New Year. The next events of importance are as follow:

  • Current boat slip renters will receive a bill in early February.
  • Bill payment is due 3/15/16
  • Current slip renters – If you plan to give up your slip, please notify Pete Roberge, Boat Basin Commissioner at or 860-883-5521 as soon as possible
  • Assignment for open slips will be made using the wait list after the Commissioner is informed of their availability.

Boat Storage on the Beach

The application form with instructions for 2016 storage of boats on the beach will be posted on the website 3/1/16. The form must be printed out – filled in and sent by US mail with a check (Payee: Point O’Woods Association, Inc.) to secure a sticker or stickers. Stickers can be picked up Memorial Day weekend or later. Applications will be accepted starting 4/1/16 via US Mail ( POW, P.O. Box 152, South Lyme, CT 06376).


Tree Removal Policy

If a property owner believes a tree that is next to their property and believed to be on Point O’Woods property, is dying or dead and believed to be in need of removal, the property owner will need to do the following:

  • Provide a recent survey of their property showing the tree on Point ‘Woods property with dimensions, markings or “pins” to show the property lines.
  • If the property owner does not have a recent survey, they will need to have said area surveyed by a licensed and certified survey company.
  • They will need to have their property “pinned” or marked with proper markings so we can review land titles and verify property lines.
  • They will need to send this information to the Board of Governors for review.
  • Once verified, the Point O’Woods Board will take steps to have said tree(s) removed.

Stumps will not be part of the removal process. The Board is only willing to take down tree(s) to protect property and for concerns of safety.

Old Lyme Emergency Notifications

You can Receive Automated Emergency Messages

The Town of Old Lyme has launched Old Lyme Alerts, an Emergency Notification System. Property owners, residents and business owners can register with their preferred contact information in order to automatically receive messages from the Town about emergency or urgent situations.

The contact information you provide is protected. It will not be used for any other purpose. Even if you have already registered for notifications through the state system (, it is recommended that you also register for local alerts.

How to Register:

  • At OR
  • you can obtain a hard copy form at the Town Hall, Lymes’ Senior Center, or the Old Lyme Library

More information at:

Winter Contact Information

Due to limited visits to the office during the off-season, formal office hours have been terminated as of 9/25/15 and will be resumed in Spring 2016.

During this period, your needs will be addressed remotely by the staff and Board of Governors. Your questions comments and concerns can be addressed as follows:

PHONE – Call the office at 860-434-5686. Leave a short message describing the topic, your name and contact information. Your call will be returned.

EMAIL – Send an email to the office at describing the topic, your name and contact information. Your email will be addressed.

WEBSITE – Use the Comment feature on the website:

Go to

  • Click on “CONTACT”
  • Click on “Operations Administrator”
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your information in the boxes provided
  • Click on “SUBMIT”

Your message will go to the office email.


The Board of Governors

Winter One-Way Streets



In the recent snowy winters, the roads at Point O’Woods have become difficult for passage of two-way traffic. To improve winter road safety, the Board of Governors has decided to implement one-way streets from 12/15-3/15. Streets that may be impacted include:

– Carrington Rd – Oak Rd
– East Joffre Rd – Seaview Rd
– Ridgewood Rd – Walnut Rd

Signage will be installed to reflect this change. More details to come in mid-October. Check the beach bulletin board and/or website at for updates.

Never Flush

Point O’Woods is served by a community sanitary sewer system that could be damaged by flushing prohibited materials to the sewer.

CAUTION: Only flush sanitary waste down the drain.

Below are examples of what NOT to flush:

  • Diapers, rags, or any kind of cloth
  • Bulk grease or fat
  • Sand, kitty litter, aquarium gravel, pet cage shavings
  • String, dental floss, feminine products
  • Plastic or metal objects
  • Paints or paint thinners
  • Gasoline, kerosene, solvents, or any flammable or combustible materials
  • Strong chemicals or toxic, caustic, or poisonous substances
  • Seafood shells, bones, cherry stones, peach pits, etc.

Remember to drain cooking pans, before cleaning in the sink, and dispose of grease separately.

In the event that any damage was caused by any of the above listed UN-flushable items, the cost to repair may be that of the homeowner.