New Office Hours

Although it still feels like summer, the beach-goers are thinning out, back-to-school shopping is in full swing, the teachers have returned to school, and the children are not far behind. The seasonal cycle marches on and there are still a few months of good weather, warm water and great fishing.

The Point O’Woods office will transition to Fall office hours this week.

Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-5:00 PM.

POW Block Party September 6!!!!

Join your friends and meet your neighbors at the Annual Point O’Woods Block Party to be held on Sunday, September 6 at the Pavilion area 11:00-2:00. Rain date Monday, September 7.

Menu includes hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, popcorn, lemonade and iced tea.

Adult tickets $7.00, children $5.00. DISCOUNTED IF BOUGHT IN ADVANCE. Adults $6.00, children $4.00.

Enjoy the activities: face painting, airbrush tattoos, half-court shot prizes and raffle.

This year the event will benefit local charity. Volunteers needed. Please contact Lorraine Gibson at 860-434-1833.



Children’s Stories of POW to be Published!!!

The POW Women’s Club, along with The POW Library, is offering a summer writing program called “A Child’s View of Point O’Woods”Children write and submit a short story about their activities, memories and what they enjoy about POW. Their stories will be printed in a book which will be available later in the summer for a nominal fee. Only the child’s first name, age and photo (if desired) will be printed with their story. Applications and instruction forms are available at the POW Library, 49 Ridgewood Rd. Contact Norm Stitham 860-434-1085 with questions.

POW Recognition Walk

The POW Women’s Club is undertaking the creation of the ‘Recognition Walk’ consisting of granite pavers that will be located in the walkway from the pavilion to the parking lot. Pavers can be engraved with family or individual names, memorials, cottage names, etc. These engraved pavers are available for purchase and the walk is scheduled for installation this fall or next spring.

The cost for each 6″ x 10″ paver will be $90.00 if ordered by July 31, 2015, $110.00 thereafter. Pavers can be ordered each thereafter until the walk is completed.

To order, please complete the form below and return as instructed with payment by July 15, 2015. Once your payment is received you will be provided a form where you indicate your specific engraving.


Recognition Walk Form

Never Flush

Point O’Woods is served by a community sanitary sewer system that could be damaged by flushing prohibited materials to the sewer.

CAUTION: Only flush sanitary waste down the drain.

Below are examples of what NOT to flush:

  • Diapers, rags, or any kind of cloth
  • Bulk grease or fat
  • Sand, kitty litter, aquarium gravel, pet cage shavings
  • String, dental floss, feminine products
  • Plastic or metal objects
  • Paints or paint thinners
  • Gasoline, kerosene, solvents, or any flammable or combustible materials
  • Strong chemicals or toxic, caustic, or poisonous substances
  • Seafood shells, bones, cherry stones, peach pits, etc.

Remember to drain cooking pans, before cleaning in the sink, and dispose of grease separately.

In the event that any damage was caused by any of the above listed UN-flushable items, the cost to repair may be that of the homeowner.