100 Year Anniversary

Nancy Sulick Moynihan, a lifelong POW resident, was appointed by the BOG to chair the 100th Anniversary Committee.  Nancy, along with subcommittee members, have been working throughout the winter for “THE BIG EVENT” which will be held on the weekend of July 26, 27, 28. There will be eating, dancing, much entertainment and fireworks from a barge off the beach.

More information will be posted throughout the spring and early summer.

If you would like to volunteer contact the Administrative Office at 860-434-5686 and leave your name and phone.


  1. Sally Scully says:

    Hi Nancy
    I am not sure if you ever got my email that I had sent back in Sept with some possible ideas for our 100th anniversary. I know that we have a specific weekend in mind for most of the celebration but wondered if we would do other things throughout the summer months so all residents (owners and renters ) could join in on the celebration. I would be happy to forward you my suggestions and willing to help where I can.

  2. Stephanie Dolan says:

    Hi I would love to help volunteer for this event and any others in Point of Woods. We live at 5 Walnut Road. Thank you.

    Stephanie Dolan

    • Point O'Woods says:

      Good morning Stephanie, Welcome to POW. I have met your husband but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you. Send me your contact information at powoffice@att.net and I will add you to our volunteer list. The celebration is still in the beginning stages and someone will reach out to you. We have a wonderful Women’s Club that plans all kinds of events. You can check out our website for future information: pointowoodsct.com. Events don’t start happening around here until Memorial weekend.
      Hope to meet you soon.

  3. Don Gove says:

    Nancy, I would like to volunteer for the celebration. I think that if possible,we could have more concerts on the beach. I have some ideas for additional groups that would be eager to play. Please advise as to anything else that I could give a hand to.

    Thanks, Don

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