Hurricane José is coming – and it may impact our community. Update as of 9-20-17

Owners are responsible for removing their vessels from the beach whenever major storms or higher than normal tides are forecasted.

Jose is forecast to move slowly to the northeast during the next 24 hours and should make its closest approach to Connecticut at approximately 8 AM Wednesday morning.

Based on the official information, the fringe impacts from Jose in Connecticut are expected to include sustained winds of 30 MPH, less than one inch of rain, high surf, rip currents and minor coastal flooding.

The highest impacts are forecast to occur in southeastern CT from this afternoon until Wednesday afternoon.

With Jose eventually expected to stall to our southeast, the high surf and rip currents are expected to continue into this weekend.

The Tropical Storm Watches previously issued have been cancelled because very minor fringe impacts are expected in Connecticut at this time. 

Here are some tips to keep everyone safe:

  • Secure patio furniture, flower pots, grills and accessories, toys – remember that strong winds can transform any item into a dangerous weapon.
  • Be sure every member of your family knows the phone number for your emergency contact. It may be easier to call long-distance than across town: an out-of-town contact may be in a better position to communicate among separated family members.  Text messages can often get around network disruptions when a phone call might not be able to get through.
  • During an emergency, the Town of Old Lyme communicates through Old Lyme Alerts. If you have not already done so, register your cell phone or other phone for automated messaging.  Register online (visit and follow the link) or complete a form at the Town Hall, the Lymes’ Senior Center, or the OLPGN Library.
  • Assemble an emergency kit. You’ll need: a list of prescription meds for each family member; food & water for 3-4 days; local and state road maps to aid in an evacuation; Battery-powered or hand crank radio and extra batteries; Flashlight and extra batteries.  Check out back to school sales for good prices. Don’t forget pet supplies!

Updates on Hurricane José will be available on the Town website and through Emergency Management’s Facebook/Twitter.

In an emergency, always call 911

Seasonal Services

Connecticut Water Seasonal Customers

Connecticut Water serves many seasonal customers located along the Connecticut Shoreline. These seasonal customers activate their water service each year from early spring through early fall. Please view the Seasonal Customers Fact Sheet for procedures to activate and deactivate seasonal services.

Comcast TV, Phone and Internet Customers

Seasonal customers can receive a reduced rate for the off season.  You must call Comcast at 1-800-266-2278 ask for the billing department and they will set you up with no reconnect fee.


Boats on the Beach

For those who are storing boats on the beach, they must be removed by October 15.

If they are left on the beach, a fine will be imposed, the vessel will be removed from the beach November 1. You must pay the fine and take possession of the vessel  by December 1 or loose the privilege of beach storage the following year.

Annual Leaf Pick-up

The annual leaf pick-up will begin soon.


No plastic bags will be picked up.

The end of the pick-up season will be December 18th.   Do not leave any bags on the road after this date. The bags create problems when plowing the roads during the winter season.

Time to Get Involved to Build POW’s Future

Seeking Board of Governor’s Candidates!

Each year, three positions on the POW Board of Governors become available. Property owners who are interested in the Point O’Woods thriving are perfect candidates for the Board. The Board consists of 9 property owners who work to offer recreational opportunities; ensure security; focus on the safety and quality of the beach, grounds, roads and facilities; financial operations and all things that contribute to the well being of the community.

Board members serve for 3 years and each has an area of focus (Beach, Boat Basin, Recreation, Security, Roads, Grounds, Security) that could change each year. The Board meets once each month during March – November to address current and future issues, budget, future planning, and gain input from other Board members and property owners on their focus areas.

The Board has benefited by having a diverse group of members who bring varied talents, experiences, and knowledge to ensure its ability to address the broad range of issues the community confronts. The Board membership has included property owners who are successful sole proprietors, Coast Guard, physicians, teachers, engineers, single parents, stay at home Moms, relocation specialist, accountants, attorneys and more. Many have been at POW their whole life and some are new-comers.

If you care about POW and it’s operations and future and have talents to bring to the table you are perfect for the Board of Governors.

If interested or have questions, Contact Wayne Buchanan, BOG Vice President at 860-434-1560 (cell) or

Application: Board Application Form

2017 Board Meeting Schedule

The monthly Board meetings are held at the The Old Lyme Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library in Old Lyme, CT unless otherwise noted on the posted agenda. Please check the agenda for correct location. Meetings begin at 6:30PM, and POW residents are encouraged to attend. Agenda are posted on the website and bulletin boards at the beach no later than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. The charter requires that minutes be posted in the same locations within 48 hours after the meeting (if minutes are not ready for posting, at a minimum the decisions at the meeting will be posted with full minutes following a few days later).

  •   March 21
  •   April 11 Budget Workshop
  •   April 25
  •   May 23
  •   June 27 – meeting will be held at OL Town Hall – American Legion Room
  •   July 25
  •   August 22
  •   September 26
  •   October 24
  •   November 14 to be held at the First Congregational Church, 5 Lyme St., Old Lyme


Tree Removal Policy

If a property owner believes a tree that is next to their property and believed to be on Point O’Woods property, is dying or dead and believed to be in need of removal, the property owner will need to do the following:

  • Provide a recent survey of their property showing the tree on Point O’Woods property with dimensions, markings or “pins” to show the property lines.
  • If the property owner does not have a recent survey, they will need to have said area surveyed by a licensed and certified survey company.
  • They will need to have their property “pinned” or marked with proper markings so we can review land titles and verify property lines.
  • They will need to send this information to the Board of Governors for review.
  • Once verified, the Point O’Woods Board will take steps to have said tree(s) removed.

Stumps will not be part of the removal process. The Board is only willing to take down tree(s) to protect property and for concerns of safety.