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Leaf Pick Up at POW

Leaf pick up has begun at Point O’Woods by our maintenance department.  The end date is December 3rd.  This end date is important so the maintenance crew can ready their equipment for the winter months.  If you miss this date bag your leaves in paper bags and bring them to the Old Lyme Transfer Station located on Four Mile River Road.  The minimum charge for disposal is $5 and residents must empty and remove leaf bags.

                     DO NOT rake your leaves into the street.

Keeping storm drains clear is a matter of public safety.

We ask that residents do their part, as well, to prevent leaves and brush from their properties from settling in the street and near storm drains.


Hurricane Season Has Arrived

Do You Have a Family Emergency Plan?

Family Emergency Plan

Identify an out-of town contact.

It may be easier to make a long-distance phone call than to call across town, so an out-of-town contact may be in a better position to communicate among separated family members

Be sure every member of your family knows the phone number and has a cell phone, coins, or a prepaid phone card to call the emergency contact.

If you have a cell phone, program that person(s) as “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) in your phone.

If you are in an accident, emergency personnel will often check your ICE listings in order to get a hold of someone you know.

Make sure to tell your family and friends that you’ve listed them as emergency contacts

Teach family members how to use text messaging.

Text messages can often get around network disruptions when a phone call might not be able to get through

Assemble a First Aid Kit, and include a complete list of prescription meds for each family member.

You’ll need food & water for 3-4 days: make a list of what you’ll want to pack!

Include local and state road maps to aid in an evacuation, a battery-powered or hand crank radio with extra batteries, a good flashlight and extra batteries (check back to school sales for good prices)

Register your cell phone, work number, or other phone numbers with Old Lyme Alerts for automated phone messaging during an emergency.

You can choose to be notified by e-mail, phone or text message.

Don’t wait for a power outage: Register for Old Lyme Alerts today!

We can let you know if a health crisis poses a threat; if a fire or accident will restrict access  to neighborhoods; and, of course, if our community needs to prepare for another impending hurricane or winter storm.

The contact information you provide is protected. It will not be used for any other purpose.

Even if you have already registered for notifications through the state system (, you will want to register for local Old Lyme Alerts.


The State of Connecticut has launched a new Text-to-911

New Service Provides Ability to Send a Text Message in an Emergency When Absolutely Necessary, Including for Those with Disabilities and in Situations When a Voice Call is Not Safe

The State of Connecticut has launched a new Text-to-911 capability as part of the state’s new Next Generation 9-1-1 Emergency Telecommunications System.

Text-to-911 provides residents with the ability to send a text message to 9-1-1 from a handheld device in emergency situations when it is either unsafe or they are unable to place a voice call.

The system, which is available statewide, is now in effect.

To use Text-to-911, enter the numbers “911” in the “to” or “recipient” field on a mobile phone or other handheld device.

Text a brief message that includes the location of the emergency and what services are needed (police, fire, ambulance).

After that, answer questions and follow-up instructions will come from the 9-1-1 call center.

For more information on the Text-to-911 system and to see a demonstration of the capability, visit



Board of Governors Changes

The POW Board of Governors met immediately after the Annual Meeting, 6/2/18, to elect a President and Vice President; determine commissioners’ assignments; and appoint a Treasurer, Secretary and legal counsel. The following is the 2018/2019 Board structure:

President: Pete Roberge

Vice President: Randy McHugh

Beach Commissioner: Carl Filios

Boat Basin Commissioner: Michael LaFleur

Grounds Commissioner: Bud Phelps

Ordinance Commissioner: Faith Weiss

Recreation Commissioner: Beth Kelly

Roads Commission: Mike Aron

Security Commissioner: Fred Callahan

These positions are effective immediately.


2018 Board Meeting Schedule

The monthly Board meetings are held at the The Old Lyme Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library in Old Lyme, CT unless otherwise noted on the posted agenda. Please check the agenda for correct location. Meetings begin at 6:30PM, and POW residents are encouraged to attend. Agenda are posted on the website and bulletin boards at the beach no later than 24 hours before the scheduled meeting. The charter requires that minutes be posted in the same locations within 48 hours after the meeting (if minutes are not ready for posting, at a minimum the decisions at the meeting will be posted with full minutes following a few days later).

  •   March 27
  •   April 10 Budget Workshop – will be held at the Old Lyme Senior Center, 26 Town Woods Way
  •   April 24
  •   May 22
  •   June 2 – Annual meeting will be held at 6:00 pm at the Middle School OL
  •   June 26
  •   July 24
  •   August 28
  •   September 25
  •   October 23
  •   November 13

Tree Removal Policy

If a property owner believes a tree that is next to their property and believed to be on Point O’Woods property, is dying or dead and believed to be in need of removal, the property owner will need to do the following:

  • Provide a recent survey of their property showing the tree on Point O’Woods property with dimensions, markings or “pins” to show the property lines.
  • If the property owner does not have a recent survey, they will need to have said area surveyed by a licensed and certified survey company.
  • They will need to have their property “pinned” or marked with proper markings so we can review land titles and verify property lines.
  • They will need to send this information to the Board of Governors for review.
  • Once verified, the Point O’Woods Board will take steps to have said tree(s) removed.

Stumps will not be part of the removal process. The Board is only willing to take down tree(s) to protect property and for concerns of safety.