Commissioners Reports


A long awaited welcome back to the 2015 spring and summer season at Point O’ Woods beach. The winter months were harsh but surprisingly, our beach fared well. The season will start off with beach grading by Al Bond the first week of May, followed by a beach cleanup by Rick Frascarelli and subsequent daily grooming by Harry Plaut Environmental. 
Rick has been diligently working to get the swim raft repaired with a new ladder for the season along with new swim lines and buoys that will be put into the water mid-May, weather permitting. He has also replaced 2 water fountains. 
We hope to have anchors, swim buoys, and swim lines in conformance with the GPS coordinates on our DEEP permit. 
Disposal of seaweed continues to be studied. We must be in conformance with DEEP regulations, but also need a cost-effective solution. 

We are looking for a great season of “Boats on the Beach.” A new application is posted on the website or can be 
picked up at the administration office during its scheduled open hours. This can be filled out and sent to the 
office along with payment to secure a spot. The stickers will be distributed on a first come first serve basis this 
season. There is a new rate list for different sized vessels. As always, the boats must be removed by October 15. 

Please remember not to tie your jet skis or boats to the swim lines at the beach as this is against DEEP regulations.

Jennifer Reyes, Beach Commissioner


The 2015 Boat Basin Season will have all maintenance repair completed by May 1st. This includes the replacement of poles, water lines repaired, new hoses installed, new safety rings on each bulkhead installed and ladders repaired.
We have all slips rented for this year, including four new slip assignees. The wait list has been reduced to a total of sixteen as of this report. The total income from rentals for 2015 will be around $70,000.00, which goes toward maintenance, repairs, and a reserve.

I will continue working on the bulkhead issue that was started during the storm Sandy repairs.
The basin is in good shape for another year of boating. Please remember the No Wake Zones and that they extend to 100ft past the swim lines. Return all hoses to the holders when finished using them. Absolutely no fish cleaning in the Boat Basin.
Peter Roberge, Boat Basin Commissioner

Last year proved difficult with Jeff’s illness and eventual death. It should be noted he continued working and completing all necessary maintenance up to the week of his passing. His dedication to POW cannot be surpassed and should not be forgotten. Local resident, Rick Frascarelli, has been hired to the position of Facilities Manager for the Association. Rick brings knowledge and energy to the job as well as a deep commitment to keeping our beach grounds in beautiful condition. Rick worked during the winter maintaining the roads with snowplowing and applying sand and salt. He also serviced and repaired much of our equipment, assuring extra years of use.

The fall collection of leaves was completed on schedule, filling four dumpsters. We plan to offer leaf removal service to residents again in the fall of 2015. The pick-up schedule will be announced in late summer or early fall so watch the website. As an early reminder, only brown paper bags will be collected. This service is only offered in the fall, there is no spring pick up.

Rick spent part of the winter months re-organizing the maintenance building and removing unneeded supplies. Tom Cretens has been hired as a seasonal assistant. Tom is from Deep River and also is an MP at the Westbrook Barracks. Although all the faces have changed, the work will be completed as usual.

Improving the appearance of Anderson Park is a goal for the upcoming season.If you have any suggestions or concerns let us know and we will work to remedy the issue. If you have a positive comment or a compliment, those are also welcome! Looking forward to another fantastic summer season at Point O’Woods!
Bud Phelps, Grounds Commissioner

Ah, summer that wonderful time of year we all look forward to at Point O’ Woods, the beach, boating, rules, regulations. Yes, I jest. As we all return to Point O’ Woods for another fun filled summer it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the updated ordinances and fines associated with them. They can be conveniently found on our POW website at Here you will also find the complete Charter with detailed information on each ordinance if you have further questions. A printed handout of the ordinances and fines will be available in the POW office or the guard shack after June 14.

The Building and Construction Ordinance (A.K.A. The No Hammer Law) which goes into effect June 25, actually means no construction after June 24, there is sometimes confusion over this. If there is a true emergency and you need an extension, we have made it convenient for you to request one. You can find an emergency request form on our website listed under security and submit it directly to the Point O’ Woods Administrator. You can also contact us directly.

At the Annual meeting in 2014 you all voted to approve the revised Sign Ordinance. This has been updated in the Charter and can also be found on the website. A letter was sent out to realtors in November advising them of our new sign regulations (4 sq. ft.) and notifying them that the homeowner would be responsible for the fines if they didn’t make their signs compliant with the size restrictions by January 1, 2015. We also listed this information on our website for homeowners. So far, it appears most realtors have complied.

This year included in the Annual Call is a proposed revision for: Acts of Nuisance, Section 10 – Bathing, fishing and swimming in Three Mile River. The reason for this revision is to make the ordinance compliant with the Connecticut Public Trust Doctrine. Included in your packet is the proposal for the fully revised ordinance to be voted on tonight. Also included is a fact sheet on the Public Trust Doctrine.

As we head into another summer, remember as members of the board, we are also members of the community and are here to work with you to keep Point O’ Woods the great place that it is. If you have any questions or concerns about any ordinance issues please feel free to contact me. Here’s to another fun, safe summer.
Faith Weiss, Ordinance Commissioner

The summer recreation program is anticipating a fun filled summer season. Lonesome Eddie and the Bird Dogs band will “kick off summer” with a concert on Saturday, June 27.

The Recreation morning program officially starts on June 29 and run thru August 14th, signups will be at 830 at the pavilion. The program has been modified to compensate for the decrease in enrollment we saw last year. The program will be 4 days Monday thru Thursday from 8:30 to 12:00 and an afternoon program from 1:00 to 2:00. The cost will be $20 per day or $68 per week. The morning program will have a schedule of activities ranging from water related games to scavenger hunts and minute competitions. The afternoon session will be tennis activities and games under the pavilion. There will be two field trips, laser tag and mini golf, dates to follow.

The evening activities will continue with movies, bingo and beach games. There are various concerts and other events planned for your summer enjoyment. A calendar of events will follow and be posted on the website.
Beth Kelly, Recreation Commissioner

Roads at Point O’ Woods are in decent shape but like anything that gets considerable use, there will be maintenance issues. We are noticing some larger cracks in different areas, particularly at the entrance into Point O’ Woods. Large trucks have made wide turns onto Hillcrest Road and crushed the edges of the roads there. We have also noticed issues on Champion Road where some of the roads edges are breaking off. We will plan to have sealing done as needed to extend the life of our roads. Rick Frascarelli has gotten estimates for sealing the areas that are in need and we will continue to monitor the quality of the roads.

On another note, this past fall we needed to redo the road areas around many of the cast iron sewer drains. The road level was below the height of those drains. In order to not clip the cast iron drains and break pieces off while snow plowing, the surrounding area was cut out and replaced. Such is maintenance for our roads!
We have also committed to removing debris from the 20 or so catch basins/drains that are within association property. This will be done on a yearly basis by rotating the cleanout of 10-12 drains each year! This allows water to move freely and prevents these catch basins/drains from freezing up and causing damage to the surrounding area.
Please also remember to contact Rick Frasacarelli, the office or myself to notify us of streetlights that may be out. We do not always catch the ones that are out and it does take some time to get CL&P out here to replace burned out bulbs. Each pole has a number on it, just write down the street and number and pass it on to us.
Mike D’Aquila, Roads Commissioner

The purpose of the POW Security Department is to work in partnership with the Old Lyme Police Department to protect our residents, guests and their property.
Fortunately, the past year has been a good one for us at POW. There were no incidents of any serious nature that occurred. There are no changes planned in your Security Department for the up-coming year. As a result of competitive bidding, the William Vassell Security Company will once again be our security company for this summer.
I want to thank all our residents for abiding by our rules, regulations and ordinances. This truly makes my job as Security Commissioners so much easier and enjoyable.
I would like to leave you with two last thoughts:
1) Please remember with any type of emergency – do NOT call Security. Always call 911.
2) If anyone has a complaint, compliment or suggestion concerning security, please call me at home (860-434-7340) or on my cell (860-209-2944).
Fred Callahan, Security Commissioner

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