President’s Corner

Summer Season 2017


From the President

Welcome to the beginning of another summer season at Point O’Woods (POW).  Hopefully, your summer at POW will be an enjoyable one that’s incident-free.  Unfortunately, it’s time to issue some gentle reminders about how our behavior affects the rights of others.

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, let’s remember that it’s up to all of us to be courteous and respect the rights of our neighbors.  More and more people are arriving at POW every day.  The roads become more crowded and children become more numerous.  Whether we’re driving a golf cart, driving a car, riding a bicycle or using other means of transportation, let’s obey the 15mph speed limit on the roads and make sure only licensed drivers are driving the golf carts.

It’s also the beginning of party season.  Keep in mind that the houses are close together, and loud parties may disturb our neighbors.

As always, members of the Board of Governors (BOG) and the security team stand ready to help resolve problems.  Remember that BOG members are people that are volunteering their time to help make our stay at POW more enjoyable.  When you see these people, remember to thank them for their contribution.  They’d like to enjoy the summer too.



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