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Summer Season 2017


From the President

Welcome to the beginning of another summer season at Point O’Woods (POW).  Hopefully, your summer at POW will be an enjoyable one that’s incident-free.  Unfortunately, it’s time to issue some gentle reminders about how our behavior affects the rights of others.

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, let’s remember that it’s up to all of us to be courteous and respect the rights of our neighbors.  More and more people are arriving at POW every day.  The roads become more crowded and children become more numerous.  Whether we’re driving a golf cart, driving a car, riding a bicycle or using other means of transportation, let’s obey the 15mph speed limit on the roads and make sure only licensed drivers are driving the golf carts.

It’s also the beginning of party season.  Keep in mind that the houses are close together, and loud parties may disturb our neighbors.

As always, members of the Board of Governors (BOG) and the security team stand ready to help resolve problems.  Remember that BOG members are people that are volunteering their time to help make our stay at POW more enjoyable.  When you see these people, remember to thank them for their contribution.  They’d like to enjoy the summer too.

Mid-Summer Update 2016

In July, the beach was the place to be to escape the very hot, dry weather. August is now here, and as we enter the last period of the busy months, it’s time to stop and look around us. In general, things are going well, the grounds look great, it seems that many have enjoyed the concerts, and the Tent Events Weekend was another huge success. Thanks to the Women’s Club, Grounds & Maintenance staff, and the Recreation staff. When you see them, let them know their efforts are appreciated.

Unfortunately, we are becoming affected by the problems of society, in that some people believe they, as individuals, have rights that supersede the rights of the majority. We’re seeing that in a few cases, and they are making life difficult for those of us on the Board of Governors. We can’t allow these few people to try to dictate policy.

Those rights include not having to read political statements written on the road. That also includes not having our trees trimmed by neighbors who want a better view (yes, I’ve personally experienced that). Let’s try going out of our way to be nice to people instead of trying to make life difficult for them.

Here at Point O’Woods, the yards are small and the cottages close. With these conditions, we need to respect the rights of our neighbors. The character of Point O’Woods is changing, due to the sewers and more year around residents, and also due to society in general. Let’s try to keep it as close as we can to what some of us remember from years gone by.

We have also seen an increase in vandalism to Association property that has been costly and diverted the work efforts of the grounds and maintenance staff. Remember that property owners pay the bills for this activity. Security will be more vigilant and The Association has the right to ticket the violators or summon the Old Lyme police.

Another thing that has changed is the new and different small-wheeled items that children are using. There has been an increase in use of skateboards, bicycles, hover boards, rip-sticks, etc. There are more children with more wheeled toys sharing the same narrow streets as cars, golf carts and mo-ped scooters. Parents, please coach your children on safe use of these toys and road use courtesy, especially advising them to follow the rules of the road drivers must follow, i.e., stop at stop signs, stay to the right side of the road, etc. Drivers, please follow the speed limits, full stop at stop signs, and be attentive to children on the road.

Have a good month of August and see if there’s something you can do to make life more pleasant for somebody you run across.

Summer 2016

The summer season is almost here. One change you will notice is that the parking lot has received a facelift. It’s a much nicer surface. We continue to work on maintenance issues, and make improvements where possible. We’re also continuing to streamline the process of picking up stickers. We’re working on the logistics of having stickers available during office hours and available at the shack at the beach on weekends. We’re looking at building a rack for storage of paddleboards, to increase capacity of boats stored on the beach. At this time, it looks like we will have everything ready to go.

We’re still looking for volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee. This position has the job of interviewing candidates for the Board of Governors. If you’re interested, please contact either a member of the committee or a Board member.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Carl Filios


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