100 Year Anniversary

Although we are headed into the 2018 summer season, the summer of 2019 will soon follow. 2019 will be the 100th Anniversary of Point O ‘ Woods. This is a significant birthday… the centennial!!

The Point O’Woods Board of Governors is in the process of exploring ideas and developing an understanding of what will make a memorable 100th anniversary celebration. One question is…Is it one big celebration or many celebratory events? A committee is being established to work on this. To get a broad knowledge of possibilities, several brainstorming sessions will be held over the summer. Brainstorming sessions will be held with the Womens’ Club, the Board and a community event. A ‘suggestion box’ will also be on the website. The committee is looking for all ideas in an effort to see what the community feels will make a great celebration. Anyone interested in helping please let us know by contacting the office.

Fund raising activities may be seen during this coming summer. The committee may seek assistance or advice of residents for special talents or skills they may have to help out. Particular help could be in areas of entertainment, food, graphic design, communications, etc. Watch the bulletin boards and the website for details as they become available. If you have a talent to volunteer, notify the office where the information will be centralized.

Tom Gworek is currently working on a book to cover the history of POW and will be looking for additional information as well.

Looking forward to a great celebration of 100 years at the best place on earth.


  1. Jill Zuccardy says:

    I don’t know what the context would be for this but it would be lovely to identify families who have been coming to POW for many generations and to hear their stories of what has changed and what has not changed at all. For example, I recently learned from my mom that when she was a kid the lot on Hillcrest next to the “secret” path (that’s what we called it as kids) was a tennis court!

    • Point O'Woods says:

      The past 2 years, a resident has hosted a history/memories event during the summer at the pavilion. Folks come and share stories and photos. Watch for this again…it MAY happen. There is a book currently being written for the 100th anniversary 2019. Tom Gworek has a huge collection of photos and anectdotes. You can look forward to that next year.

  2. Dale Burns says:

    My maternal great-grandfather built a cottage at Point O’ Woods sometime during the 1920’s I believe. It is, unfortunately, no longer in the family but over the years, my grandparents, parents, myself, and then my children, who are now in their 20’s, visited Point O’ Woods. We have wonderful fond memories of the beach and wish someday to be able to return.

  3. Dale Burns says:

    My maternal great-grandfather built a cottage at Point O’ Woods in the 1920’s I believe. The family, unfortunately, no longer owns it but over the years, my great-grandparents, grandparents, mother, her aunts, uncles, and cousins, spent many a fun-filled summer there. My parents used to take me to Point O’ Woods when I was a child and then I did the same with my children, who are now in their 20’s. We have many wonderful memories of the beach and hope someday to be able to return.

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