Acts of Nuisance: Construction

Acts of Nuisance: Construction

(June 25 through Labor Day)

There shall be no construction work performed inside or outside of a dwelling after June 24 through Labor Day each year. If a property owner experiences an emergency, the Hammer Law Extension Request Form is required and can be found on the website under Security:  Hammer Law Extension Request. The property owner (not construction provider) should contact any member of the Board or The Association’s office to alert them of the impending request.  The Board may provide a short, timely authorization for construction or repair to be completed “provided the property owner shows an emergency condition exists”.

All golf carts must be registered by June 24th or are subject to a $100 fine.

All cars parked in the beach parking lot must display a current parking pass or are subject to a $25.00 fine.  Resident permit does not allow you to park in the beach parking lot.


Fines and exemptions are established by the Board of Governors. No fine will exceed $250.00 per violation.



Board of Governors, Point O’Woods Association, Inc.

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