Summer Employment 2020

 Each season, Point O’Woods hires a number of people to work with the Security, Recreation and Grounds staff. The hiring process will be handled through the Administration office, which works with the Commissioners.

If there is interest in working for POW during the 2020 season, please complete an application and forward it to the office by email ( or USPS P.O. Box 152, South Lyme, CT 06376 by 1/31/2020. The application is on the website ( or email the office and they will send you one. Please include information about what type of work you are interested in. The specific positions will be defined in February, interviews conducted in March and hiring decisions made by the Board in April. If you are not absolutely certain that you are interested, submit an application anyway by the cut off date 1/31/2020 so you don’t miss the opportunity.

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