Lock Your Cars – Message from Old Lyme Police

The Old Lyme Police Department and Old Lyme Resident Trooper have alerted residents of Old Lyme and the Shoreline about thefts from motor vehicles. These thefts usually happen statewide from 10pm to 6am. Unlocked vehicles with keys inside are often targeted.

The authorities are asking residents to lock their vehicles, take out the keys, and secure their belongings to avoid theft. They also suggest that community members stay alert to help prevent these thefts.

Fall Board of Governors Newsletter and Community Survey

The Fall 2023 Newsletter from the Point O'Woods Board of Governors was recently emailed to all property owners. Included in the newsletter is a link to a Community Survey which we are inviting all property owners to complete. Your opinion is important to us, and we are interested in gathering your feedback regarding operations, services and a few potential initiatives. Both the newsletter and the survey can be access through the links below:

>> Board of Governors Newsletter


>> Point O'Woods Community Survey

Lock Your Cars & Take Your Keys

LOCK YOUR CARS EVERY NIGHT, AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KEYS AND KEY FOBS IN YOUR CAR. Sadly, car break-ins continue to be on the rise in the state of Connecticut (and throughout the country). All Point O'Woods residents and visitors are urged to be vigilant. Remove your keys, lock your cars and keep your valuables safe. It only takes a minute to protect yourself and your belongings.


Anderson Field Work Group

The Point O'Woods Board of Governors has appointed a work group to look into possible future uses of Anderson Field. The group consists of Sue Bookman (chairperson), two board members, and several community members. The group would like to consider any ideas that you might have for this property. Please keep in mind that the property was deeded to be used for recreational purposes only. One possible idea that is being looked into is a community center with possible additional space for the POW administrative office. (This obviously would be a long term project.)

If you have any suggestions or comments concerning future plans for this property, please text Sue at 860-841-8712 or email bookmansusan@yahoo.com