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Boat Basin Restoration Project Information Session

Do You Have Questions on The POW Boat Basin Restoration Project?The POW Board of Governors has been working hard on the Boat Basin RestorationProject.  The Board of Governors will be proposing the financing and timelines at the Annual Meeting on June 4, 2022.  If you have questions or would like to know more about the project, feel free to attend this informational/Q and A session on Sunday, the 29th, at noon at the POW pavilio

Point O’ Woods 5K Road Race


Don't forget to sign up for the 𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐭 𝐎𝐖𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐬 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝟓𝐊 taking place July 9th!



$20.00 registration fee includes a tee shirt

*Must register by April 15th to guarantee a tee shirt on race day.

Benefits the Point O' Woods Recreation Department

Prizes for the Overall Males and Females:

Youth 18 and Under

Senior 65 and Older


You must be a resident of Point O' Woods Beach or a friend of a Point O' Woods resident….if a friend or relative you will be required to check in with security at the front gate. No public parking is available in or around the Point O' Woods Beach Association.


Don't Delay - Sign up Today!


Postal Security Warning

For all POW Residents:

A POW resident reported that her mail was stolen from the local post office box at the South Lyme Post Office.  She is kindly letting everyone know that it is not safe to deposit their mail into that post office box.  The Postal Inspector and the Old Lyme Police have been notified.  We thank her for bringing this situation to light and encourage all residents to be safe.


POW Off Season Security Rules


During the so-called off-season which runs from October 1 through April 30, it should be remembered that the Point O'Woods (POW) Ordinances and Rules and Regulations are still in effect.

Additionally, since POW is a private community, visitors other than property owners and tenants and their authorized guests are not permitted to utilize the beach, the boardwalk, the boat basin, the playground area, the tennis courts, the pavilion or any of the other POW amenities. Any visitors utilizing any of the above who are not property owners and tenants as well as their authorized guests will be asked to leave immediately. Additionally, parking in the beach/boat basin area is restricted to residents and tenants.

It should be remembered that during the off-season the following rules must be strictly observed for the safety of our ever-increasing year-round residents:

  • All motor vehicles, including golf carts, must observe all stop signs and the POW speed limit.
  • There is no parking on any POW roadway except for authorized residents at the end of Champion Road and at the end of Hillcrest Road.
  • The beach/boat basin parking lot is restricted to residents, tenants and authorized guests.
  • Motor vehicles, including golf carts, must observe the "do not enter" restrictions at the west end of the beach/boat basin parking lot.
  • The use of the boat ramp is restricted to residents, tenants and their authorized guests.

Any vehicle that is illegally parked within the development is subject to ticketing, towing and booting.

The security cameras that are positioned throughout POW are fully operative, and they are monitored on a continuous basis.

2021/2022 Board of Governors Assignments

The POW Organization Meeting was held after the Annual Meeting 6/5/2021. The following are the updated position assignments for 2021/2022:

PRESIDENT - Randy McHugh

• BEACH – Fred Callahan
• BOAT BASIN – Abe Krisst
• GROUNDS – Bud Phelps
• ORDINANCE – Carl Filios
• RECREATION – John Sulick
• ROADS – Mike LaFleur
• SECURITY – Charles Tatelbaum

SECRETARY - Joan Lanzo
TREASURER - Helen Francis
ATTORNEY - Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C.

Beth Kelly, after 15 years on the board, did not run when her term expired, taking a break to enjoy the beach and water-sports. POW residents and the community have benefited greatly from Beth's contributions as the Recreation Commissioner. If you see her out having fun, thank her for her great work and congratulate her on a job well done.

2022 Boat Storage on the Beach

The popularity of kayaks and paddle boards has continued to increase along with the interest in conveniently storing them on the beach. Space for storage has increased over time encroaching on beach area for swimmers and sunbathers. The Board has decided that the allocation of space will be set to 80 vessels which will all be stored in assigned numbered slots in racks and no vessels will be stored on the beach. No additional space will be allotted for sailboats, canoes, etc. (those authorized in 2019 and 2020 are grandfathered).

Eligibility for slots is restricted to property owners with a maximum of 2 per property.

Registration for 2022 will mirror the process for allocating boat slips in the boat basin with current slip owners being offered the opportunity to renew their slot. A wait list will be maintained for assigning open slots as they become available.



  1. 2020 slot renters will receive an email by 1/20/2022 requesting they inform the Office of their interest in renewing by 2/1/2022
  2. The Office and Beach Commissioner will notify wait listed individuals of an opening going down the list which has been developed by the first-come/first-served approach. The 2021 Wait List of 8 residents will roll over to 2022. All slots will be allocated by 3/1/2022
  3. The waitlist application will be available on the website 1/18/2022


The Beach Commissioner will assign slots by 5/1/2022 and stickers will be available about Memorial Weekend.

Registration Form for Renewals and New (may be waitlisted)  

Please do not send payment with an application, in case the application is added to the waitlist.

Boats-on-the-Beach-Application (2022)




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