The Point O’Woods Beach

If there is a "Crown Jewel" of Point O'Woods, it is the beach. It is the foremost reason that owners and visitors are drawn to POW and it is recognized as one of the nicest beaches on Long Island Sound. Much care and attention is focused on keeping the beach clean, safe and fun for all, whether you enjoy swimming, sunning, making sand castles or just relaxing with family and friends.

Under the direction of the Beach Commissioner,  the Point O’Woods staff and contractors ensure that the beach is kept in good condition through grading of the beach, regularly scheduled cleaning, repair and maintenance of the raft and swim lines, and anything else necessary for the enjoyment of the residents of the beach. The Commissioner also keeps current the DEEP permit and Army Corp of Engineers permit required. All work done on the beach and swim and raft lines put in the water are done within the required regulations of these permits.

Beach and Watercraft Safety

The waters of Long Island Sound are enjoyed by swimmers as well as a variety of watercraft. Please be aware of, and comply with, the DEEP regulations and Point O' Woods Ordinances, particularly:

No person shall operate a personal watercraft at a speed in excess of Slow-No-Wake within 200 feet of shore, or a dock, pier, float or anchored or moored vessel.

No watercraft shall be tied up to the swim lines.

Paddle Boards, Kayaks and Boats on the Beach

The popularity of kayaks and paddle boards has continued to increase along with the interest in conveniently storing them on the beach. The Board has allocated space on the beach and has installed separate racks for the storage of 72 kayaks and 20 paddle boards. The numbered slots will be assigned with corresponding numbered stickers and no vessels will be stored on the beach. No additional space will be allotted for sailboats, canoes, etc.

Eligibility for slots is restricted to property owners with a maximum of 2 slots per property.

Regulations and Agreement

For those renewing boat slots or applying for a slot, the following are the items they agree to or lose their privilege:

  1. Storage season starts June 15 and vessels must be removed by October 1st – fines apply (see below).
  2. A Point O'Woods Sticker must be visibly displayed on the vessel’s upper bow.
  3. The vessel sticker number corresponds with a rack slot number where it is to be stored. No vessels should be left on the beach sand.
  4. Owners are responsible for removing their vessels from the racks whenever major storms or higher than normal tides are forecasted.
  5. Violations of the above will result in the vessel being ticketed.
  6. Vessels without a sticker will be ticketed and secured until payment of the ticket.
  7. Point O'Woods is not responsible for any damage caused to or by a vessel as a result of its storage on the rack and it is stored pursuant to this agreement at its own risk and peril.

Registration Form for Renewal and New (may be waitlisted)

Removing Boats from the Beach

For those who store boats on the beach, they must be removed by October 1st.

If they are left on the beach, a fine will be imposed, and the vessel will be removed from the beach effective on October 15. You must pay the fine and take possession of the vessel  by December 1 or lose the privilege of beach storage the following year.