The Point O’ Woods Beach

If there is a "Crown Jewel" of Point O' Woods, it is the beach. It is the foremost reason that owners and visitors are drawn to POW and it is recognized as one of the nicest beaches on Long Island Sound. Much care and attention is focused on keeping the beach clean, safe and fun for all, whether you enjoy swimming, sunning, making sand castles or just relaxing with family and friends.

Under the direction of the Beach Commissioner,  the Point O’ Woods staff and contractors ensure that the beach is kept in good condition through grading of the beach, regularly scheduled cleaning, repair and maintenance of the raft and swim lines, and anything else necessary for the enjoyment of the residents of the beach. The Commissioner also maintains the required DEEP permit and Army Corp of Engineers permit. All work done on the beach and swim and raft lines put in the water are done within the required regulations of these permits.

Summer Beach Reminders

The following summer ordinances pertaining to the Point O'Woods beach are in effect from May 15-October 15:

  1. Ice cream and water are the only allowable snacks on the beach. Coolers are not permitted.
  2. Swimming is permitted between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
  3. Dogs are not permitted on beaches, revetments or the boardwalk.
  4. There is no smoking allowed on the Association beach, including vaping and the use of electronic
  5. No throwing or hitting balls, frisbees, stones, etc.
  6. No fishing from POW property between the west bridge over Three Mile River and the seaward end of the jetty.
  7. No jumping into Three Mile River from Point O’Woods property and from both sides of the jetty into Long Island Sound.

Beach and Watercraft Safety

The waters of Long Island Sound are enjoyed by swimmers as well as a variety of watercraft. Please be aware of, and comply with, the DEEP regulations and Point O' Woods Ordinances, particularly:

No person shall operate a personal watercraft at a speed in excess of Slow-No-Wake within 200 feet of shore, or a dock, pier, float or anchored or moored vessel.

No watercraft shall be tied up to the swim lines.