Board Positions

The Connecticut State Legislature has authorized a charter for the Point O'Woods Association, Inc. that describes certain rights and responsibilities to self govern the community. The nine member Board of Governors (BOG) constitutes the governing body of the association and has charge of the execution of all charter provisions, ordinances, rules and regulations or other acts adopted by the association. Each governor serves a three-year term and three positions are filled each year by a vote of the property owners, at the Annual Meeting, the first Saturday in June.

The BOG holds regular monthly meetings during the months of March through November. These meetings, similar to town meetings are open to the public. Agendas are posted on the bulletin boards at the beach and on the website no later than 24 hours before the meetings. Minutes are posted in the same locations no later than 48 hours after the meetings.


Following the annual meeting, the BOG holds an organizational meeting and elects a president and vice president who shall serve for a period of one year. Duties of these officers include:

PRESIDENT: Serves as the chief executive officer presides at all meetings of the voters and BOG. He shall be responsible for delegation of duties and correlating the activities of the board of governors.

VICE PRESIDENT: In the absence of the president, fulfills all the duties of the president, and carries out such special assignments as may be delegated to him by the president.


The Board of Governors determines commissions it sees necessary to carry out the association’s management and administrative functions. Each commission shall be headed by a member of the board of governors, appointed by the president. These include:

BEACH COMMISSIONER: Responsible for the beach condition, cleanliness and grooming. Ensures safety of the raft and swim area as well as regulatory compliance with CT DEEP, Old Lyme Harbor Master, etc. Manages the Boats Storage on the Beach Program for kayaks, paddleboards, etc.

BOAT BASIN COMMISSIONER: Responsible for the boat basin program and services. Ensures safety of the boat basin and boat channel as well as regulatory compliance with CT DEEP, Old Lyme Harbor Master, etc.

GROUNDS COMMISSIONER: Manages the staff and services of grounds and maintenance in support of other Commissioners needs. Maintains lawns, signage, installation of swim lines, leaf pick-up, snow plowing, etc. to ensure the safe and clean grounds.

ORDINANCE COMMISSIONER: Ensures communication, interpretation and compliance with the ordinances. Develops new ordinances and revisions as required for owners’ approval at the Annual Meeting. When a violation occurs, works with the Security Commissioner for interpretation and enforcement and manages the appeal process.

RECREATION COMMISSIONER: The recreation function provides a broad range of programs and events for the enjoyment of residents and guest of all ages at Point O'Woods. Schedules events for the enjoyment of all and enhance the summer beach experience. This includes evening programs like movies, bingo, concerts and daytime events for younger children.

ROADS COMMISSIONER: Responsible for ensuring the safety and serviceability of Point O'Woods roads, drains, parking lot, trees and utility poles. Interface with grounds staff for road inspection and maintenance.

SECURITY COMMISSIONER: The security function provides for the safety and security of Point O'Woods members and their property within Point O'Woods. Provides guidance to security guards, parking lot attendants. Interfaces with the Ordinance Commissioner to ensure ordinance compliance.