Boat Basin

Point O'Woods Boat Basin

Point O′Woods Boat Basin Policies

The Board of Governors operates and maintains a Boat Basin with sixty-two slips of varying sizes for use by POW property owners of record. The operating philosophy is to provide safe mooring without all of the services provided by commercial marinas. In contrast, the Basin does provide unusual protection from storms and immediate access to Long Island Sound. 

The Basin’s main operating guidelines are outlined in the association’s by-laws:  

  • Boat owners who rent slips must also be POW property owners of record, and they and their family must be current in terms of taxes and fines.  
  • The Board is authorized to periodically set a schedule of fees and regulations for the privilege of keeping a boat in the Basin.  
  • The maximum overall length (not including the motor or the outdrive) and width of the boat is 21 feet and 8 feet respectively.  
  • Boats must be removed during harsh weather. Boat owners will be notified by email instructing that boats be removed if necessary. If boat owners do not remove their boat, they will be responsible for any damages to poles, which could cost as much as $300 - $400.  
  • The Boat Basin Commissioner must maintain and post a Waiting List of all POW homeowners who wish to rent a slip in the date order of the receipt of their application. 

Administration & Publications 

A member of the POW Board of Governors is designated as Boat Basin Commissioner and is responsible for the operation, maintenance and financial status of the Basin. The Commissioner maintains three distinct lists:  

  1. Current Slip Renters – published at the beginning of each operating year listing slip renters by slip number, property owner’s name and boat registration number.  
  2. New Applicants’ Wait List – published to record all POW property owners who desire slips as they become available. The list is maintained in the order of the property owner’s application date and that order is protected as long as POW published requirements are met. Currently the only requirement is that once on the list, the individual must resubmit an application each year by November 15th to show their continued interest. (Renewals may be satisfied by completing the Google Form renewal application sent by the Administrative office.)   
  3. Current Slip Renters’ Waiting List – If slip renters have been in their current slips for at least three years and desire a larger slip, a separate list is maintained. These requests are given priority if larger slips become available. When assigned, they automatically release the renter’s old slips to the New Applicants’ Waiting List. 


Boat Basin Fees (2024)

Boat Size  Fee
Under 14’ $965.00
14’ to 14’11” $1,120.00
15’ to 15’11” $1,200.00
16’ to 16’11” $1,280.00
17’ to 17’11” $1,360.00
18’ to 18’11” $1,440.00
19’ to 19’11” $1,520.00
20’ to 20’11” $1,600.00
21’ $1,680.00

Beach and Watercraft Safety 

The waters of Long Island Sound are enjoyed by swimmers as well as a variety of watercraft. Please be aware of, and comply with, the DEEP regulations and Point O’ Woods Ordinances, particularly, "no person shall operate a personal watercraft at a speed in excess of Slow-No-Wake within 200 feet of shore, or a dock, pier, float or anchored or moored vessel. In addition, no watercraft shall be tied up to the swim lines." Please also note that the Slow-No-Wake extends to the breakwater.

NOTE: The "Boats on the Beach" storage program for small craft including kayaks, paddleboards and small sailboats, is now managed by the Beach Commissioner.


The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission provides two Town moorings for transient boaters and public use in the anchorage off the CT River north of Calves Island. For information regarding an Old Lyme mooring permit, please visit the Old Lyme Harbor Commission website