Board Composition, Powers and Member Terms

A board of nine members is elected by Point O'Woods property owners at the Annual Meeting. Each member serves a 3-year term, and three positions are filled each year. Any person who owns real property within the territorial limits of the Association at the time of the annual meeting is eligible for election to the board of governors. Incumbent Board members, as well as new potential members, are placed on the ballot at the April monthly Board Meeting by a Board vote.

The Board of Governors constitutes the governing body of the Association and has charge of the execution of all charter provisions, ordinances, bylaws, rules and regulations or other acts adopted by the Association. The Board also makes recommendations to the Association for charter changes, new ordinances, new bylaws and rules and regulations to promote the general welfare of the Association.

The president and vice president are voted by the Board at the Annual Organizational Meeting following the Annual Meeting each year. All others are appointed by the president to specific board commission assignments.

Terms of the current board expire as follows:


  • Randy McHugh
  • Mike LaFleur
  • Carl Filios


  • Fred Callahan
  • Bud Phelps
  • John Sulick


  • Mike Aron
  • Abe Krist
  • Jamie Noel