Nominating Committee

Richard Vogler - 3 year term

Michelle Frascarelli - Chairperson -  2 year term

Michelle Morin - 1 year term

The responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to identify, screen and select candidates to serve on the Point O’Woods Association Board of Governors (BOG) as well as the WPCA Board of Governors. We are looking for high-energy individuals who are objective thinkers, can operate in a team environment and, most of all, have a strong desire to serve the POW community. In order to be considered by the Nominating Committee, the person must be a property owner of record with no outstanding taxes or fines.

Board members serve a 3 year term. Each year at the annual meeting 3 people will be elected to the BOG. Candidates must be POW property owners. The Nominating Committee interviews all that apply (application form provided below) and presents those they feel are suitable to the Board at the April monthly meeting.

Current BOG members who have expiring terms are eligible to run for re-election. Their names will appear at the top of the ballot with the word "incumbent" after their names (in alphabetical order). Others recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved by the BOG will appear after those names (in alphabetical order).

We have included a brief form that you can fill out and return to the POW Administrative office at 12 Connecticut Rd. or by mail P.O. Box 152, South Lyme, CT. The Committee compiles a list of interested individuals, sets up interviews, and presents qualified candidates to the Board of Governors for consideration.

Please feel free to contact any one of the Committee members should you have any questions. We encourage you to get involved and serve this wonderful community.

NOTE: It is possible to be nominated from the floor at the meeting.

Board-Application-Form 2021