Golf Carts

The following information is excerpted from the Golf Cart Rules and Regulations outlined in Point O'Woods Ordinances (as well as Connecticut state law, as applicable). 

General Overview of Golf Carts in Point O'Woods

As a reminder, all golf carts must be registered with the Point O’Woods Administrative Office if they are going to be used on Point O’Woods Roads. Golf carts registrations are renewed (at the beginning of each season), as well as prior to use on POW roads (first time users, or part-time usage by renters).

All drivers must have a valid driver’s license.

All rules applying to cars apply equally to golf carts (i.e., no reckless driving, speeding or running stop signs).

Registration Overview

  • Complete the "Golf Cart Registration Form"
  • Pay annual registration fee ($45, payable to "Point O'Woods Association")
  • Golf cart owner will receive, and acknowledge receipt of, the Golf Cart Regulations upon registration.
  • Proof of insurance with minimum coverage of at least $300,000 is required. (Documentation must include owner's name, policy #, expiration date, and be specific to golf cart - typically an amendment to a home owners’ policy.)
  • A golf cart ID number (side cart) must be prominently displayed on both sides of the golf cart on the side panel below the seats.
  • The annual registration sticker should be displayed on the front windshield or other visible location.


Golf carts (within POW) are considered motor vehicles and as such must follow all POW motor vehicle ordinances. Note: A first violation is subject to fine. POW security is NOT required to issue a “warning” for violations of these, or any, POW ordinances.

The enforcement of the following is particularly important for golf cart safety:

  • All drivers must have a valid state driver’s license (any U.S. state) and all Connecticut laws for 16- and 17-year old drivers will apply, which means curfews and passenger restrictions shall apply. Under-age drivers are strictly prohibited from operating vehicles at POW.
  • Speed limit is no greater than 15 mph
  • All vehicles must stop at stop signs and adhere to other rules of the road (e.g., turn signals, safe distance between vehicles, no talking on cell phones while driving, etc.)
  • Reckless or careless driving which puts pedestrians or passengers at risk is prohibited
  • Carrying more passengers than the cart is rated for - as well as overloading carts with beach gear, tubes and floatation equipment which makes driving unsafe - is prohibited. The golf cart is overloaded if:
    • It is carrying more persons than registered to carry
    • Weight capacity for the model golf cart is exceeded (usually 800 lbs.)
    • Chairs, floats, etc. are not securely stored and/or tied down prior to driving
    • Kayaks, surf boards, skim boards or boogie boards on roof which are not secured to the roof of the cart by reliable restraints
    • Driver’s view is inhibited creating an unsafe condition
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited and will result in automatic 1-year revocation of Point O' Woods Golf Cart Registration (reinstatement requires a Board of Governors vote).
  • Excessive noise and horseplay on golf carts is not allowed.

Fines will be issued for violations of these regulations. Unpaid fines will result in loss of parking permits and boat basin eligibility. Property owners are responsible for any unpaid fines issued to anyone residing at, visiting or renting their property.

  • If a golf cart is issued two (2) violations in one year (regardless of the drivers), the right to use that golf cart will be revoked. Appeals may be made to the Board of Governors to reinstate this privilege in the future. In the case of underage driving and/or driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, golf cart privileges will be revoked immediately (1 violation)


It is a privilege to drive a golf cart. Failure to abide by the rules may result in revocation of that privilege. A full copy of the Golf Cart Rules and Regulations is provided above and can also be viewed on the website under Forms.