No Hammer Law

The "No Hammer Law" is in effect at Point O'Woods from June 25 - Labor Day each year. See below for more information.

The following is excerpted from Chapter 7 of the Point O'Woods Ordinances which outlines restrictions regarding Building, Construction, and Interior/ Exterior Maintenance. Property Owners are encouraged to review this important information. 

No Construction shall be accomplished within Point O’Woods except in strict conformity with the applicable building code for the State of Connecticut and any regulations adopted by the Town of Old Lyme.

There shall be no construction work performed inside or outside of a dwelling during the period from June 25th through Labor Day in each year. Additionally, there shall be no interior or exterior maintenance, renovation, or demolition that results in excessive noise or that results in the disturbance of a person’s right to peace and tranquility during the period from June 25th through Labor Day in each year.

No construction, either inside or outside of a dwelling, which shall require a
building permit shall be commenced unless such permit has been issued by the Town of
Old Lyme, and a copy mailed to the Association at its post office box in South Lyme.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, nothing herein shall prohibit routine lawn maintenance and routine landscape maintenance. However, tree cutting is not considered routine landscape maintenance.

Exception Requests

The Ordinance Commissioner, upon application by a property owner, may authorize such construction, maintenance, renovation, or demolition work during the aforementioned time period provided the applicant demonstrates an emergency condition exists. The Ordinance Commissioner shall report all such applications, and his or her decision, at the next subsequent Board of Governors’ meeting. The Board of Governors may, by majority vote, approve any application which was either denied or not acted upon by the Ordinance Commissioner.


Any questions can be directed to the Ordinance Commissioner, or emailed to the Point O'Woods Administrative Office at