Point O’Woods Charter & Ordinances

Ordinance Summary

The following is a summary of Point O’Woods Association’s approved ordinances. The full list and text of ordinances is available on our website (www.pointowoodsct.com). Please respect and adhere to these rules for a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.



  1. Motor vehicles includes golf carts registered to operate on Point O’Woods roads.
  2. The speed limit on all roads is 15 miles per hour.
  3. No portion of any vehicle shall be parked on any road or right of way.
  4. No person shall operate a pocket bike or mini-motorcycle on any streets, roads, sidewalks, beaches, boardwalks parking areas or any public areas within POW.
  5. No person shall operate a vehicle without a valid operator’s license and proper registration.
  6. No person shall operate a vehicle in a reckless manner, including: driving while intoxicated; passing a vehicle in motion; overcrowding or overloading the vehicle; disregarding the instructions of a security officer.
  7. Vehicles without stickers are not allowed in designated parking areas. Stickers are issued to each property for use by immediate family. Tenants may purchase parking passes from the office for the dates on their rental receipt.
  8. There is no smoking allowed on the Association beach, including vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes.


  1. No person shall consume or possess, with intent to consume, any alcoholic beverages on Point O'Woods property.
  2. Only members, guests or tenants are allowed on Association property.
  3. Rubbish, building materials, garbage, leaves or brush cannot be placed on Point O’Woods property or vacant lots.
  4. Fires, fireworks, excessive or offensive noise and changing clothes in vehicles are not allowed.
  5. Merchandise may not be sold without a Point O’Woods license and badge.
  6. No dumping into any stream or body of water within POW.
  7. Lawns must be kept to 8 inches or less.


  1. Dogs must be leashed at all times (less than 10’).
  2. No excessive or offensive noises are allowed.
  3. Real Estate signs, For Rent signs, and Contractor signs shall not exceed 4 square feet.
  4. There shall be no construction work performed inside or outside of a dwelling during the period from June 25th to Labor Day in each year. This includes (but is not limited to) interior or exterior maintenance, renovation, or demolition that results in excessive noise or that results in the disturbance of a person’s right to peace and tranquility.
  5. No conditions are allowed that create health, safety or fire hazards including: rubbish or garbage not in regulation containers with handles and covers; and leaves, brush and other flammable materials not cleared at least once a year.
  6. No persons shall sleep in garages, outbuildings, tents, house trailers or campers.
  7. No fences other than living hedges are allowed.
  8. Fires are only allowed in proper stoves, grills or fireplaces.



  1. Ice cream and water are the only allowable snacks on the beach. Coolers are not permitted.
  2. Swimming is permitted between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
  3. Dogs are not permitted on beaches, revetments or the boardwalk.
  4. No throwing or hitting balls, frisbees, stones, etc.
  5. No fishing from POW property between the west bridge over Three Mile River and the seaward end of the jetty.
  6. No jumping into Three Mile River from Point O’Woods property and from both sides of the jetty into Long Island Sound.


  1. Boats must not exceed 5 mph, or operate in such a way as to cause a wake, in the boat basin or the length of the channel out past the swim lines.
  2. Powerboats are not allowed in designated swim/sailboat areas, nor allowed to operate in a reckless manner in areas of Point O’Woods beaches.
  3. Boats moored in the boat basin must display proper, non-transferable stickers. Boat slips cannot be sublet.
  4. Jet skis shall not be used in the boat basin other than as shall be necessary to idle in or out of the ramp area.
  5. No boat trailers may be parked on any Association property without the Association’s permission.
  6. Fees may be charged for boat launching and retrieving using the ramp.