2021/2022 Board of Governors Assignments

The POW Organization Meeting was held after the Annual Meeting 6/5/2021. The following are the updated position assignments for 2021/2022:

PRESIDENT - Randy McHugh

• BEACH – Fred Callahan
• BOAT BASIN – Abe Krisst
• GROUNDS – Bud Phelps
• ORDINANCE – Carl Filios
• RECREATION – John Sulick
• ROADS – Mike LaFleur
• SECURITY – Charles Tatelbaum

SECRETARY - Joan Lanzo
TREASURER - Helen Francis
ATTORNEY - Conway, Londregan, Sheehan & Monaco, P.C.

Beth Kelly, after 15 years on the board, did not run when her term expired, taking a break to enjoy the beach and water-sports. POW residents and the community have benefited greatly from Beth's contributions as the Recreation Commissioner. If you see her out having fun, thank her for her great work and congratulate her on a job well done.

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