2021 Boat Storage on the Beach

The popularity of kayaks and paddle boards has continued to increase along with the interest in conveniently storing them on the beach. Space for storage has increased over time encroaching on beach area for swimmers and sunbathers. The Board has decided that the allocation of space will be set to 80 vessels which will all be stored in assigned numbered slots in racks and no vessels will be stored on the beach. No additional space will be allotted for sailboats, canoes, etc. (those authorized in 2019 and 2020 are grandfathered).

Eligibility for slots is restricted to property owners with a maximum of 2 per property.

Registration for 2021 will mirror the process for allocating boat slips in the boat basin with current slip owners being offered the opportunity to renew their slot. A wait list will be maintained for assigning open slots as they become available.


  1. 2020 slot renters will receive an email by 1/20/2021 requesting they inform the Office of their interest in renewing by 2/1/2021
  2. The Office and Beach Commissioner will notify wait listed individuals of an opening going down the list which has been developed by the first-come/first-served approach. The 2020 Wait List of 8 residents will roll over to 2021. All slots will be allocated by 3/1/2021
  3. The waitlist application will be available on the website 1/18/2021


The Beach Commissioner will assign slots by 5/1/2021 and stickers will be available about Memorial Weekend.

Registration Form for Renewals and New (may be waitlisted)

Boats-on-the-Beach-Application 2021




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