1. Ginny Dunn says:

    On Friday afternoon theAce security company was on duty. I drove in driving a rental car with New Jersey plates. My car is being repaired .
    The guard on duty did not stop me he just waved. I stopped and reminded him that he should be stopping vehicles like this.
    His comment was I really don’t do that . This is ridiculous
    Please straighten this out. Thank you
    Ginny Dunn
    24 Carrington Rd

    • Point O'Woods says:

      Thank you for your message. It is important to the Association’s ability to provide direction to the Security company. Chuck Tattelbaum, Security Commissioner, has indicated that since the stickers have not been distributed yet, the guards at the gate have not yet been directed to stop vehicles. That will begin next weekend when stickers are distributed. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback in the future.

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