POW Off Season Security Rules


During the so-called off-season which runs from October 1 through April 30, it should be remembered that the Point O'Woods (POW) Ordinances and Rules and Regulations are still in effect.

Additionally, since POW is a private community, visitors other than property owners and tenants and their authorized guests are not permitted to utilize the beach, the boardwalk, the boat basin, the playground area, the tennis courts, the pavilion or any of the other POW amenities. Any visitors utilizing any of the above who are not property owners and tenants as well as their authorized guests will be asked to leave immediately. Additionally, parking in the beach/boat basin area is restricted to residents and tenants.

It should be remembered that during the off-season the following rules must be strictly observed for the safety of our ever-increasing year-round residents:

  • All motor vehicles, including golf carts, must observe all stop signs and the POW speed limit.
  • There is no parking on any POW roadway except for authorized residents at the end of Champion Road and at the end of Hillcrest Road.
  • The beach/boat basin parking lot is restricted to residents, tenants and authorized guests.
  • Motor vehicles, including golf carts, must observe the "do not enter" restrictions at the west end of the beach/boat basin parking lot.
  • The use of the boat ramp is restricted to residents, tenants and their authorized guests.

Any vehicle that is illegally parked within the development is subject to ticketing, towing and booting.

The security cameras that are positioned throughout POW are fully operative, and they are monitored on a continuous basis.

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