Seeking Candidates for the BOG Nominating Committee

The Point O’Woods Board of Governors is seeking candidates to fill 1 open position on the Board Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee identifies, screens and selects candidates to serve on the Point O’Woods Board of Governors as well as the WPCA Board of Governors.

The committee identifies potential candidates for Board positions, presents them to the Board for review, and ultimately to the property owners for election at the Point O’Woods Annual Meeting.  Committee members serve for 3 years.

Candidates should be Point O’Woods property owners who are objective thinkers, familiar with the community and interested in the future of Point O’Woods.


If you have an interest in serving on the Nominating Committee please complete the BOG Nominating Committee Application which can be found on the POW website and send it to the POW Administration Office at no later than July 24, 2021.


Nominating Commitee Application

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