Women’s Club

Co-Presidents - Sharon Szestakow and Pat O'Neil
Treasures - Laura Peterson
Recording Secretary - Karen Patria
Corresponding Secretary - Tina Lynch
Membership - Linda Tousignant


Women's Club Annual Craft Fair - Application

Bocce Courts Are Open to Everyone
Meet at the Courts
Monday               4:00 PM
Friday                 4:00 PM

Teams will be decided at the courts no experience needed.  Bocce balls will be provided.

All are welcome to use the Bocce ball courts.

Come Join the Fun Bring your own chairs

Sharon and Pat are open to suggestions for the 2021 season.  Leave your comment below or email the administration office at powoffice@att.net

Meeting Minutes:

Point O'Woods Women's Club Minutes September 10, 2021

Point O Woods Women's Club minutes August 18th, 2021.

Point O Woods Women's Club minutes June 25 2021

Point O Woods Women's Club minutes June 2, 2021

Point O'Woods Women's Club Minutes April 13, 2021

Point O Woods Womens Club minutes September 1 2020

Point O'Woods Women's Club minutes August 21 2019

Danne Pineo and Jan Tonucci will continue the Recognition Walk project

Recognition-Walk Application 2021







  1. Deborah DeMusis says:

    I am not sure who takes care of the Point O Wood merchandise but my daughter works for a company in N.Y. that can source clothing, possibly hats. If this is of interest, she said that the material would be of good quality and pricing would be good. If interested, please contact me.
    30 Hough


    I just noticed that June, 2020 is the last page of my current POW calendar.
    Will the Women’s Club print and sell a 2020-2021 calendar and if so,
    how/where can I get a new one?
    Thanks a lot,

  3. Laura Peterson says:

    Just received my clothing order – sweatshirt doesn’t fit and paid too much for shipping.

  4. Mary Parker says:

    I was interested in information concerning the POW Craft Fair 2021, and if it’s possible, if the event is going to happen, to request two tables for my daughters, Annie Dunn, Color Street nails, and Chef Jessica Parker, Crafted by Jessica.

    Thank you so much,
    Mary Parker

    • Point O'Woods says:

      Pls contact the Women’s Club. Check their menu on this website.

    • Pat ONeil says:

      Hi Mary,
      Please contact Maryann Colwick, she is in charge of the craft fair. Her home phone is 860-434-1774 and her mobile is 860-234-5426.

    • Maryann colwick says:

      Mary, you can call me at 860-234-5426 I will send you the flyer application.

  5. Karen Galvin says:

    Hi, could someone call or email me regarding a Women’s Club issue? I tried emailing and calling the main office but no one has returned my email or phone call.

    • Point O'Woods says:

      Sorry about your problems trying to contact WOmen’s Club. I’m not sure of their processes but if you contact me at jsmith2957@aol.com I’ll try to sort this out.

      Thanks, Jean Smith

  6. Victoria Connors says:


    Please add me to your email list. I live at 9 Massachusetts Rd.


    Thank you,

    Victoria Connors

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