Point O’Woods is served by a community sanitary sewer system that could be damaged by flushing prohibited materials to the sewer.

CAUTION: Only flush sanitary waste down the drain.

Below are examples of what NOT to flush:

Diapers, rags, or any kind of cloth
Bulk grease or fat
Sand, kitty litter, aquarium gravel, pet cage shavings
String, dental floss, feminine products
Plastic or metal objects
Paints or paint thinners
Gasoline, kerosene, solvents, or any flammable or combustible materials
Strong chemicals or toxic, caustic, or poisonous substances
Seafood shells, bones, cherry stones, peach pits, etc.
Remember to drain cooking pans, before cleaning in the sink, and dispose of grease separately.

In the event that any damage was caused by any of the above listed UN-flushable items, the cost to repair may be that of the homeowner.


MORE INFORMATION: The Water Pollution web site is:http://point-o-woodswpca.com/


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